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Policy Management Company


Policy Administration

Insurance Companies

• Premium payments and timing
• Withdrawal and loan payments
• Non-enacted planned events
• Utilization/termination of riders and conversion options
• Beneficiary, address or trustee changes

• Insurer strength and stability
• Administrative and servicing errors
• Limited communication to owners and trustees
• Changes to products and features

Policy Performance

Industry & Environment

• Crediting rate and dividends
• Subaccount allocation and performance
• Guarantee and shadow account challenges
• Cost of insurance increases

• Low interest rate environment
• Changing laws and fiduciary requirements
• New products and solutions in the marketplace
• Tax and estate plan implications

Benefits Of Active Policy Management

Through objective analysis and ongoing policy management, the Policy Management Company…
     1. Ensures life insurance policies perform as designed and continue to meet clients’ needs
     2. Mitigates the risk of policy lapse or under-performance
     3. Resolves errors and prevents issues that can cause problems
     4. Confirms premium payments and planned changes are made
     5. Identifies opportunities to maximize the value of the policies


A Disciplined Process for Bridging Policy Expectations with Results

Setup And Design

Begin by completing a policy management questionnaire with your insurance advisor to determine your policy design objectives and guidelines for the policy. Any original documentation and current statements will be gathered and archived.
     • What are the long-term objectives for the policy?
     • Is the policy meeting the current needs?
     • How should the performance be measured?

Monitoring And Management

The policy is monitored based on the priorities and guidelines as designed. Based on the service level, alerts, reminders and notifications communicate the current performance while service requests and policy changes are facilitated to completion in coordination with your insurance advisor.
     • Is the policy following the design guidelines?
     • Are premiums being paid on time and in the correct amount?
     • What in-force changes are needed?

Analysis And Reporting

After each policy anniversary, a thorough review is completed based on inforce illustrations and current policy values compared to the design and objectives. Policy performance is assessed and an annual report summarizes the current health and status of the coverage.
     • How is the policy performing? Are there any risks or opportunities?
     • Are the policy, riders, features and insurance company meeting expectations?
     • Has anything changed in the current situation?


Working with the PMC and using the annual policy review as a guide, your insurance advisor may provide recommendations to improve the current coverage or take corrective action as needed. Recommendations can be the result of a change in needs, under-performance of a policy, or created by other industry developments. They may include re-calibrating the current policy, evaluating new coverage, or updating the policy management design.
     • Does the policy align with future goals and objectives?
     • What actions would improve the coverage?
     • Are there alternative options for the client?

For more information about our policy management company, you may call and text us at (781) 237-0123. You may also contact us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and our Contact Page and tweet and follow us on Twitter.