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Nothing speaks louder than what others say about us.

If trust is the backbone of our business, our clients are the very heart of it. When our clients have positive thoughts to share about our services and what it’s like to work with us, we can’t help but tell our other and prospective clients about it. Read some of our current client testimonials here:

John Williams came highly recommended to me by my good friend and neighbor. Divorcing in my late forties, I needed to be able to trust an advisor with figuring out the best possible financial strategy for retirement.

John checked all the boxes. He was extremely patient with all my questions and provided clarity with annuities and investment options. Based on my situation, John designed an investment plan that met my long-term goals.

Capital Formation Group puts clients’ needs first, without question. I have no hesitation in recommending their services with complete trust and look forward to a continued relationship with them. I am grateful for their professionalism and expertise.

Karen D.

Waltham, Massachusetts

I reached out to Mikhail in need of financial planning with a goal of long-term security for my family. I had reached a point where self-managing wasn’t cutting it and I wanted some expertise and discipline around a current and future view of our financial landscape. Mikhail was able to understand my goals, analyze them in conjunction with our current situation and future market assumptions, and provide a summary and plan for asset allocation.

Part of the plan was financial security for my family. Mikhail was able to help negotiate and advocate for me in securing a life insurance policy, resulting in a lower price and ultimately the desired security. It has been a big weight off my shoulders not having to navigate all of this on my own and finally feeling like we have a deliberate path forward. I greatly appreciate and value the partnership with Mikhail and the folks at Capital Formation Group.

James Wong

I was introduced to Mikhail Veselov when he first joined Capital Formation Group and was a little hesitant to engage him because of his newness to the industry and the company.

My concerns were quickly allayed by his openly saying that he recognized his own newness and would be sure to involve others at the firm if he could not answer questions or address concerns sufficiently. He listened carefully, explained things clearly, and even offered to re-do a piece of work that he’d produced previously because of a change in the way I wanted to address my situation.

This was all at a time when I was considering a major change in my lifestyle, a change with big financial ramifications. Misha’s work enabled me to move forward with that change in a confident, clear-headed way. I am very grateful and recommend him enthusiastically.


John Williams and Capital Formation Group have been trusted advisors of mine for years. John has extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and its products and always finds a creative way to solve complex problems. I highly recommend John and his team.

D. Barrett

Marion, Massachusetts

John Williams and his team at Capital Formation Group first provided me with a personal financial plan about 10 years ago. I have returned 3 times to update mine and 5 other times for my clients, all with very good outcomes.

As an example of the reaction to CFG’s offering, after working through the full planning process with John Williams and myself, my client turned to me and said: “You two have changed my life”. I agree: the right plan can have such dramatic impact on people’s lives, and, furthermore, the disciplined process of planning can empower people to participate more fully in their financial successes and challenges for the rest of their lives.

In my view, having advised private clients for 50 years, I believe it is only prudent to project a view of one’s financial future. John and his team provide the insight needed for such projections based on many years of experience developing both formal and informal financial plans. Indeed, CFG has the ability and expertise to follow through, if appropriate, and meet client needs for financial products as building blocks for the overall strategy being recommended.

The CFG offering is unarguably firmly in the camp of high value services delivered for a modest investment.  John and his team are completely client-centric, putting his client’s interests in front of his own (both in time spent and in optimizing the clients cost effective investment in the services delivered). Importantly, his work is the basis for efficient updating in the future at low cost.

I would highly recommend CFG’s services and I would be happy to speak with potential clients (with my phone number available through the CFG office).

Jonathan de Lande Long

As an estate planner, from time to time, I recommend insurance as a solution to solve a client’s problem. Being able to turn to John Williams for the product, which is in the client’s best interest, has allowed me to sleep nights.  John has never disappointed me or my clients with an insurance product recommendation.

Edward D. Tarlow

President, Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rodgers, P.C., a Boston Law firm.

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