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At CFG, we have a genuine desire to fully understand your lifestyle, financial and legacy goals while being mindful of the uniquely personal values that shape them. We also strive to understand how you feel about money and investing, and insurance and work with our strategic partner, Valmark Advisers, to create an approach to your finances to help you achieve your goals.


We work with trustees to ensure optimal policy & planning performance, including underwriting advocacy. Let us help ensure your clients are getting the best insurance for their needs and for the best price. We bring our skills to help you comprehensively serve your clients’ needs and solve problems with you.


For advisors, we bring our skills to help you comprehensively serve your clients’ needs and solve problems with you. Our team of professionals can help you navigate your own financial planning & insurance needs and provide insight for options available to your clients & their businesses.

The Golden Rule

We’ve all heard The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated. 

At Capital Formation Group (CFG), we adhere to — and are guided by — it every day. 

Our passion is focused on developing long-term relationships built on trust, mutual respect and an unwavering fiduciary commitment to placing your best interests at the forefront of everything we do. We believe working with clients should be about clarifying and solving your problems via sound planning and client-centered advice. 


Whether a trustee, advisor or private client, choosing a partner to manage your financial future is the single most important decision to make. At Capital Formation Group, Inc. we have spent the last thirty-plus years aligning ourselves with our clients’ needs in order to build solidly grounded, longterm financial & estate plans.

With an emphasis on limiting risk, we deliver a comprehensive array of financial, estate, insurance, investment and policy management as well as fiduciary services. For private clients, we take care of your financial and estate planning, investments, insurance as well as the coordination between trustees and financial advisors.

For trustees and advisors, we provide design, analysis, underwriting advocacy and management of your trust/business-owned life insurance.

Hopefully, in all of this, we provide a good measure of acquired wisdom, common sense and a foundation of credibility that allows you to trust us and becomes the basis for a mutually-beneficial relationship.

Finally, feel free to contact us to set up a confidential introductory meeting at no cost to you to see if we’d be a good fit. To contact us, you may call and text us at (781) 237-0123, use the contact form below or use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

John Williams, CLU, ChFC, TEP
CEO & Founder

In my view, having advised private clients for 50 years, I believe it is only prudent to project a view of one’s financial future. John and his team provide the insight needed for such projections based on many years of experience developing both formal and informal financial plans. Indeed, CFG has the ability and expertise to follow through, if appropriate, and meet client needs for financial products as building blocks for the overall strategy being recommended.

Jonathan de Lande Long

Clients may see all their financial accounts, plans, documents, etc. in one place, using our Client Portal.

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